Luis Muñoz, 1964

Master in aerospace engineering, with 25 years of experience at Airbus Defence & Space and RUAG Space. Founder of Orbitare AG.

Gaetano Volpe, 1973

Master in business administration, expert in satcom solutions. Entrepreneur, co-founder of Latitudo 40 and co-founder of Orbitare AG.

Christoph Konrad, 1972

Master in law, senior expert in corporate finance with 16 years of experience at UBS. Independent since 2017. Co-founder of Orbitare AG.


Advisory Board

Dr. Jorgen Sandberg, former Head of Technology Projects Division at ESA

Prof. Dr. Ana García Armada, leader of the Communications Research Group, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

Prof. Dr. Encarna Pastor, head Department of Telematic Systems Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Orbitare AG - Switzerland